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My Window to the World
Tuesday, 10 January 2017
Lend your Bedroom an Unsophisticated Charm with Rustic Dressers
Topic: Furniture
Who doesn’t like a bedroom that is well stacked and organized? Any bedroom inevitably needs space for storage, especially your clothes, and other items of everyday need. One solution to this is in-built racks or cupboards, and for houses that lack the same, there are dressers. These items of furniture give you the versatile option of keeping your personal space organized, and act as objects which add to the aesthetics of the interiors. One of the most popular kind of dressers these days is the rustic styled dresser. These ones have a simple and unsophisticated beauty that elevates the look and feel of any bedroom.

Types of dressers and the storage options they provide

Dresser is a term that broadly depicts an item of furniture used for storage. It also includes other types of storage solutions including chests and armoires. A typical dresser measures up to the waist, and has a width that is usually larger than the height and depth. It includes anywhere between six and nine drawers for storage needs. A dresser has a long top surface and is ideal for displaying artefacts, pictures, or other objects of interest.

Chests are made up of three or more drawers stacked vertically to offer storage space. Chests, as the name suggests, measure up to chest-height and are usually taller than regular dressers. They are ideal for rooms that have limited floor space, as they provide more vertical storage space than horizontal ones.

Armoires are larger than dressers and chests, and measure around 60 inches in height. They are ideal of storage solutions that involve hanging, and also shelves, and drawers for storing various items. Armoires, owing to their size, are ideal for spacious rooms.

How to select a rustic dresser

Rustic dressers ( FoxDenDecor/Rustic-Dresser ) are available ready-made, however if you need one made to your needs and requirements, these can be custom built too. When selecting a dresser for your home, there are few factors that need to be kept in mind.

•  The size of the dresser should be such that it is in proportion to the size of the bedroom.

•  It should be placed in a location where the cupboard doors can be opened fully and freely without being obstructed, or causing obstruction to surrounding objects.

•  The dresser should offer a good storage solution to the items that need to be stored. Ideally, it should include at least 20% extra space for future requirement.

Make your rustic dresser look more interesting

Most rustic dressers are made from wood and come in the typical brown hue. If you wish to make your rustic dressers a one-of-its-kind piece, here are few tips.

•  Add some color to your dresser to lend it an interesting and welcoming appeal. For a relaxed style, use white or grey, and for something quirkier, use bright colors such as blue, red, lime etc.

•  Lend a contemporary twist to your rustic dresser by adding finishes like distressed, bleached etc. This transforms your piece of furniture ( FoxDenDecor/Blog ) into a striking focal point.

•  Break the monotony of wood by combining different materials with it. For e.g., use marble or ceramic on the handles, leather and metal on accents, and so on.

•  Get creative by adding features to them. A typical example would be to attach wheels to the bottom or handlebars to the side of the dresser.

•  Use reclaimed wood like barn wood to bring in a truly countryside appeal.

•  Make the interiors of the dressers look beautiful too. Use paint or paper to add color and brightness to the inner surfaces of the drawers. This simple addition transforms them into an interesting focal point.

A rustic dresser is a great solution for bedrooms that do not have in-built storage spaces. These not only provide a place to store your clothes, and other essentials, but also serve as focal points that add to the beauty of your personal space.

Posted by jeff121 at 4:49 AM EST
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Thursday, 5 January 2017
Online Social Skills Training and Certification Programs : Opportunities Galore
Topic: education
Social skill training and etiquette consulting is a booming industry. Be it an individual or a group of persons, training people in good manners, and social etiquettes are much in demand. As a social skill trainer or consultant, you get the opportunity to teach people the right things to say or do, which in turn impact their lives positively. While you may have the relevant know-how and experience to coach others on social skills, it is important to first get yourself certified in the social skills training program before you actually start consulting. There are many ways to do this, and one of the most popular ones is the online social skill training certification program.

What Online Social Skill Training Programs Do

Certificate programs in social skill training are designed to train the trainer. These are conducted by people or organization who are generally accredited to internationally recognized agencies for etiquette consulting ( ). Depending on the program chosen, the course includes modules for people of different age groups and different backgrounds. A few popular certificate programs include :

•  Corporate or business etiquette - this course helps you train people on how to behave in business settings. These include meetings, email and telephone conversations, introductions, corporate gifting, and so on.

•  Social etiquette - programs on social etiquette help you train people on how to behave in personal and group based settings. These range from behaving appropriately at social gatherings, being a good host or guest, making invitations, and so on.

•  Communication etiquette - such courses equip you to teach people communication skills necessary to personal or professional settings. These cover areas like email and telephone etiquette, sending thank you notes, making introductions, and other aspects of interpersonal communication.

•  Etiquette for children - courses on children’s manners help you teach relevant social skill to little ones as young as 3 years, up to their pre - teens. These generally include topics like table manners, talking on the telephone, addressing elders, introducing friends etc.

•  Social skills for teens - these programs are created to help you train adolescents in skills that make a positive impact on their personal and academic lives. Broad areas covered under this course include good communication, team skills, etiquette etc. in public places, and the like.

Benefits of Enrolling in an Online Social Skills Training Certification

Taking up a certification program online for social skills training has many advantages. Firstly, it presents you a virtual classroom setting, where in you are able to access your study material and attend course modules in the comfort of your home. You are also not bound by geographies - you can enroll yourself in a program administered by a course provider from a different country as long as you meet the requisite criteria. Another great advantage of such online courses is that they let you study at your own pace. You decide when, and how you want to take the course forward, progressing from one stage to another only when you are thorough and totally comfortable. Online courses also let you study on the go - this means that you wouldn’t have to worry about missing classes if you happen to travel or move out of the station for a while. The entire course material is available to you either through a sign-in access or downloadable books that can be accessed from laptops or mobile phones.

Online social skill training and certificate programs ( ) are much in demand today. Whether you are a school teacher looking to coach your students in social skills, a parent looking to train your children, or an entrepreneur looking for an interesting business opportunity, these programs equip you with the right tools and knowledge that can make a positive impact in other people’s lives.

Posted by jeff121 at 12:56 AM EST
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Wednesday, 4 January 2017
Top Three Considerations before opting for eCommerce Website Design Service
Topic: web design
Are you looking for an eCommerce website design service? You should be very careful in this regard as eCommerce web development is a bit complicated and has its own challenges. Users come to the site to learn about and purchase products. Hence, you should appoint a developer who will make the process of site development easy and intuitive. A number of aspects need to be considered before opting for eCommerce website design services ( www.99MediaLab.Com/E-commerce ) such as user experience and performance. Let’s check out the top three considerations of usability that your web developers should consider while building the site :

  Implementing Responsive Design - Making website accessible and functional on every device is significant for the success of eCommerce. This is because the use of mobile devices for accessing websites is continuously growing and eCommerce sales constitute a considerable portion of this traffic. In fact, more than 1/4th of the eCommerce sales are now made through mobile. Hence, you must ensure that your eCommerce website is optimized for mobile. Get it designed in such a way, so that it provides the best user experience, irrespective of the device used for accessing your website. You may opt for a popular CMS for implementing responsive design automatically. Moreover, you can make use of other CMS platforms. In that case, you may have to look for extra configuration. However, irrespective of the platform being used, you should keep in mind the kind of mobile users for each and every aspect of your website ( www.99MediaLab.Com/Overview ), such as navigation, checkout, payment and more as you just can’t afford to ignore these ever-growing consumers.

  Encouraging Guest Checkouts - Build your website in such a way that it encourages guest checkouts. Let your users create an account for making purchases. This will help you to follow-up with your consumers for future sales and track the demography of your customers for making sales analysis. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that not every person will like to go through the process of account creation to buy a product. Your repeat customers will most likely to register and obtain the benefits of having an account for making future purchases and receiving notifications pertaining to future sales. However, it is good to have that option for people who are placing orders for the first time. You must design the process of purchase in such a way so that the users can complete a guest checkout and can create an account using the information entered by them.

  Ensuring the availability of search functionality - Remember, that site search plays a vital role. Near about 30% visitors of eCommerce websites make use of search for finding products they are searching for. Besides, it’s good to use features such as autocomplete for helping users find popular products pertaining to searches. You may also opt for faceted search which helps to narrow the search in a number of ways, such as by section, size, price variations, producer and more. Offering this functionality provides your users the power to find out what they want, allowing them to limit their searches to what they are searching for.  If you want to ensure that the searches will provide you the best result, you should define the product information fully and in a competent way, which will allow faceted search as well as enhanced search result.

Follow these considerations before opting for eCommerce website design service and enhance sales from your eCommerce sites.

Posted by jeff121 at 2:28 AM EST
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Wednesday, 28 December 2016
Sell My House Fast Maryland - To Maryland Home Buyers
Topic: Real Estate
Selling your House fast in Maryland can be a result of many situations. The reasons that purported this move must be understood and evaluated. Why are you selling the house fast and preferably “As Is” and why do you want to sell the house in as little as 7 days?

What are the determinants towards this move- Sell My House Fast in Maryland?

•  Moving jobs, a promotion, or a transfer are sometimes reasons enough that you must move out of your present home in Maryland. And coupled with it, you do not have much time to complete all the work before moving out for good. And with the many things to take care of, relocating your kids, finding a new house, you must also think about your home in Maryland. Do you sell it or keep it? You are in a quandary. But assessing the long and short of it, you take the decision to sell your house fast in Maryland and find reliable home buyers. House buying companies in Maryland can help you close the deal on your house in 7 days and provide a competitive cash offer for your house.

•  Illness and old age are parts of life. When things are not looking so good, even the smallest of tasks seem cumbersome. Running errands, doing household chores, managing and maintaining your large home can get to you. You then consider selling your house will ease you of the burden of maintaining it and you could move close to where your kids live, or move to an assisted living facility in warmer locales. So now you decide to ‘sell my house fast’ in Maryland ( Housebuyersofamerica/sell-my-house-fast-maryland ), and sell it “As Is” to house buying companies who will complete the sale process in a week’s time!

•  You have acquired an inheritance and even though you are elated, it is more a bane than a boon. Due to a couple factors like the age and the poor condition of the house, it can only be occupied if major repairs and renovations are done. Since you already own a home and do not plan on moving, selling it seems like a good option So as a quick resort, you look out for a buyer to whom you can ‘sell my house fast’ in Maryland.

Getting the Ball Rolling- ‘Sell My House Fast’ in Maryland

For practically many reasons, contacting reliable, local, experienced, established house buyers who have been running a successful business for over 10 years and more and who have a physical and functioning office in Maryland is a wise move. The whole episode of selling a house fast is stress-free and hassle-free. Most of all, you can sell house “As Is.” You don’t pay the 6% commissions you pay a “real estate agent.” ( Housebuyersofamerica/Blog ) In fact, there are no added charges or fees. And the whole ‘sell house fast’ in Maryland process happens smoothly in as little as 7 days.

And always be aware, if unexpected tragedies befall on you suddenly, and selling the house is looming large, you can always find a Maryland house buyers to help you in your ‘sell my house fast’ move.

Posted by jeff121 at 11:55 PM EST
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Tuesday, 20 December 2016
Fix Seagull Lighting Chandeliers to Enhance in the Living room
Topic: Lighting
Tips to Buy Chandeliers

•  Pragmatically, the size of the chandelier can be the sum of the length and breadth of a room including the ceiling height. If the height is a bit lower than usual, then you should go for a smaller chandelier.

•  You must consider the type of lighting. First, decide whether you need ‘accent lighting’, ‘ambient lighting’, or ‘diffused lighting’ and must choose the fixture accordingly.

•  The third point is regarding the shape or style of the item. The fixture must go well with the wall color, floor tiles, curtains, and the furniture setting.

•  Another good aspect of buying chandeliers online is that you can enjoy free shipping. The items will reach your work spot or residence within the specified time. Leading online stores ( ) also give good trade discounts.

•  Price of the item is also important. You must visit the websites of established online vendors and must compare the prices.

•  These days, it is possible to get attractively designed chandeliers, created using light metal and that have LED lighting. Such fixtures will be easy to maintain and will consume less electricity.

•  When you buy from online traders, you will find a whole lot of items; there will be several models and variants available with different finishes and styles, from which you can pick the most suitable ones.

Seagull Lighting Chandeliers

Seagull lighting chandeliers do not need any introduction, because, the brand name has traveled from generations to generations. The company has survived the initial hesitancies of the yesteryears and has successfully survived the tough market competitions of the last few decades. The century celebrations are due within the next two years. Their collections are vast and new designs are created with extensive planning and professional execution. With over 2500 light fixture, one can shop for the lighting solutions for his/ her entire house form this brand alone. These days, the company produces ‘energy saving’ lighting fixtures also, for which the ‘US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)’ had conferred honors.

Buy Seagull Lighting Chandeliers from Established Traders

You can choose from the options like the number of lights in a chandelier from three-lights to fifteen-lights in a single fixture. This gives the user the option to install Seagull Lighting chandeliers ( ) at all places, in accordance with the personal wish. You can find both the contemporary styled and the traditional type of chandeliers. You can always check their prices online and avail great discounts. Only established traders will be able to provide you sufficient stock, and only when you see the adequate number of items, you will be able to pick the most suitable one.

Posted by jeff121 at 1:28 AM EST
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Friday, 9 December 2016
Jazz up your Television with a Rustic TV Console
Topic: Furniture
Today most living rooms are arranged around the television. The TV has become the focal point of the living room decor because of its importance as an entertainment device. While televisions themselves have become quite trendy in design, conventional TV stands have not managed to keep up with the design revolution that has taken place. They are still staid glass and metal contraptions or mass produced polished wood pieces.  The right design solution for homeowners would be to have a TV console that contrasts in design with the Television. When TVs look space-age and complex, the TV stand should have a rough-hewn and simple design. Rustic TV consoles ( ) are effective because of the simple design language - straight lines, flat colors- used by artisans in creating them.

Rustic furniture is the modern iteration of the hand cobbled furniture produced by American settlers for their own use. They would use wood from discarded packing crates, painted with flat colors to hammer together sturdy furniture like beds and tables. The rustic furniture trend grows from the modern popularity of the country life and an uncomplicated lifestyle. A TV stand is an extremely utilitarian piece of furniture and it goes well with the rustic furniture trend. The rustic TV consoles are low and long tables which can hold TVs, DVD players and music systems on the table top with drawers to hold cables and accessories like remote controls, batteries, CDs and DVDs. The metalwork like drawer pulls and hinges of cabinet doors is kept very basic and sturdy in keeping with the rustic theme. The paint scheme is chosen in flat colors with very little gloss.

Rustic TV consoles can be made to order per the customer’s requirements. Customers can choose the number of drawers, color finish and metalwork. The final product would have a unique look unlike all mass produced wooden furniture. The difference in quality also arises because of the effort put in by skilled local artisans in producing a fine piece of furniture. Compared to mass furniture makers, these artisans also have a secret up their sleeve- they use reclaimed wood extensively.

Reclaimed wood is a happy byproduct of the heavy usage of wood in construction in America right up to the 1920s. As fresh and strong wood was plentifully available in those days, entire barns, warehouses and factories were erected out of wood. Exposed to the changing sun and weather conditions for decades, the wood dried out and took on a unique weathered appearance. This wood is also very strong compared to new wood because the moisture content in it has gone down because of exposure to the sun and wind. As wooden buildings were torn down to make way for concrete and glass buildings in the 20th century, a whole new furniture ( ) industry sprang up around reclaimed wood. Besides the strength and appearance factor, reclaimed wood also has a deep connection to American heritage which makes it irresistible for buyers.

Posted by jeff121 at 12:34 AM EST
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Saturday, 26 November 2016
Endodontic Microscopes Offer Great Visualization to Help in Dental Treatment
Topic: health
Endodontic microscopes help dentist offer the most professional dentistry to their patients, as visualization plays a key role in identifying the affected area, and offering the effective treatment.  High quality optics offer them such abilities, thereby making the job of a dentist easier, quicker to perform any simple to complex endodontic procedure on their patients.

The rapid advancement in technology offers the modern endodontic microscope  ( LaboAmerica/Endodontic-microscope ) incredible ability to help dentists view the corners of the mouth, the details of the teeth, which was not an option with the earlier average microscopes. These new age microscopes come with the abilities to work with modern gadgets such as photo and video equipment to help in better diagnosis by taking great images with excellent clarity.

Many dentists feel that these microscopes offer great help in delivering accurate and complete treatment in cases when earlier treatments such as root canal, side canal, broken parts, insufficient filling of root canal becomes infected. On the other hand, using a fully functional microscope will reduce the chances of such infections, breaking of parts by offering easy and better access to cavities.

The excellent LED light offers superior illumination giving a vivid image of the teeth helps dentists accurately spot the cracks, side canals, etc., so they can offer the correct treatment thereof.  Such LEDs offer costs benefits as well, with about 60,000 run hours, the cost of maintaining the endodontic microscopes is also relatively less, as compared to average microscopes in use earlier.

The technological advancements have helped in designing these tools with many options to help relieve both the dentist and the patient of any possible stress, fatigue that arises during the diagnosis or treatment because shifting position. With these microscopes, you need not maneuver much, both parties need to be in an upright position during the procedure; this relieves stress, neck pain, muscle strains etc.

Dentist can handle these powerful tools easily and conveniently fix them at a place of their convenience for both storing and using them during the diagnosis or treatment. Dentist may want to use a stand to fix it on the floor, or mount it on a wall or even on the ceiling, per his requirement. As these tools, can offer bright light from about 300-400 mm dentists ( LaboAmerica/About ) can still vie the parts of the teeth and the corners of the mouth easily.

The ability of endodontic microscopes to work with Digital SLRs and Video cameras help dentists with clear images and videos, which helps them, train their assistants, and educate the patients about the treatment procedures. These features also help doctors to comply with any documentation requirements of the dentists.

Endodontic microscopes with apochromatic optic systems, max lite coatings help dentist with superior resolutions and reflection that offer a better view of the remote areas of the patient’s mouth and attention to every detail of the teeth.

The ability to deliver effective dental treatment gains strength with the usage of modern endodontic microscopes that offer high illumination, great resolutions, and offer a stress-free work environment.

Posted by jeff121 at 4:00 AM EST
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Friday, 18 November 2016
Four Lighting Solutions from Online Lighting Stores
Topic: Lighting
Online lighting stores have gained momentum in the recent years and are turning out to be the most preferred way of purchasing light fixtures for home and office décor. It can be difficult to know which store has the most authentic products or the best deals, or even the fastest delivery. Even so, online stores feature many varied products from different brands and we are now going to explore just a handful of them.

House of Troy :

Located at the Vermont hills, House of Troy started creating light fixtures during the 1940’s. With a long traditional history and a teamwork of experts, they have expanded into a larger company with more products to their credit. They are a successful manufacturer of accent lamps, picture lights, wall sconces, table lamps, task and specialty lamps, battery operated piano or desk lamps, battery operated LED picture lights, floor lamps, counter balance lamp or floor lamps, wall swing lamps, and many more. Their most sought after collections are Abington, Bennington, Franklin, Newport, Oxford, Vergennes, and Pinnacle. They are best known for their unsurpassed craftsmanship and true quality.

Hubbardton Forge :

Another Vermont light fixture brand that is featured in many online lightning stores ( Crescentharbor/Lighting-stores ) is the Hubbardton Forge. They have been providing creative design for décor lighting for over forty years. Their team of gifted artisans can turn any space into a magical world with their intense detailing and unique designs. Hubbardton Forge specializes in chandeliers, flush/semi-flush mounts, foyer/hallway fixtures, table lamps, floor lamps, wall and bath scones, pendants, outdoor lighting fixtures and even makes mirrors for rooms and restrooms. Hubbardton Forge remains a favorite for many interior designers when it comes to seeking a lighting solution for any commercial building or a house as all the fixtures can be procured at the same time for any room or area. Their most prized collections include Cirque, Cityscape, Flora, Flux, Oceanus, Ondarion, and Quill.

Seagull Lighting :

One of the oldest blacksmithing companies in Canada, Seagull Lighting has expanded its growth to become an international seller of lighting fixtures ( Crescentharbor/About-us ) since 1919. With the clear goal set from the beginning, this brand has committed itself to deliver both beautiful and functional lights that stays for generations. Their unchanged fundamentals have made them a top choice even after entering online lighting stores. They produce wall/bath lights, pendants, ceiling/recessed lights, chandeliers, mini pendants, wall scones, pendants and even outdoor lighting solutions. Alexandria, Corbielle, Gladstone, Havenwood, Lockheart, Nexus, Webster are just some of the many ornate collections to mention.

Troy Lighting :

Troy Lighting, situated in California has a strong passion for quality, value, design and service. Established in 1963, this American group decided to become a resource of durable products and work with varied clients all around. Their collections have not only been loved by offices and homes but also by establishments, institutions, hospitals and other sectors as well. One can find Troy Lighting’s wall and bath scones, chandeliers, pendants, ceiling lights, and outdoor light fixture in frequented online lighting stores. Their most successful collections are Bistro, Bristol Bay, Dover, Verve, Toledo, Amherst, and Pike Place, just to name a few.

They are obviously many more brands that one can explore in an online lighting store. Never be in rush to buy any light fixture. Plan and purchase them after a complete research and do not forget, online stores have regular discounts; free shipping and installation would be an added advantage also. These brands can help you light your entire house or office.

Posted by jeff121 at 3:21 AM EST
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Monday, 14 November 2016
Six Aesthetic Seagull Lighting Chandeliers for Offices
Topic: Lighting
A chandelier is significantly one of the few light fixtures to endure many centuries and remains a popular solution in today’s world. With undergoing so many changes from its shape, size and function, Seagull Lighting chandeliers ( ) are slowly being accepted in offices and commercial spaces as a lighting solution and hence keeps reinventing itself to fulfill client’s needs. Let us look at a handful of varied options.

Corsicana :

This collection has five light and three light options to choose from. It has original Capiz shells giving it a stylish look and providing sufficient illumination to any area. This multi-tier Seagull lighting chandelier. It is simply created by having strands measuring in different lengths hanging from the base steel frame. They all come in an Heirloom bronze finish and you can choose from incandescent and energy star qualified fluorescent.

Driscoll :

This Seagull lighting chandelier comes in variations of three-light, five-light, and nine-light. These pieces are inspired from the 1960’s and crafted with a brushed nickel finish and a satin bronze finish. They are designed with cased opal etched glass and can function with incandescent and energy star qualified fluorescent lighting. Their simplicity in creation is what makes them a sleek modern piece. They can be converted into LED with prior information.

Ashburne :

This exceptional collection from Seagull lighting features ( ) both mini and large chandeliers with four-light and eight-light fixtures respectively. One can choose from two options of Brushed Nickel and Burnt Sienna. This transitional piece is a popular choice for contemporary spaces due to its conical satin etched glass and well spread angular arms. LED bulbs can also be used in this chandelier.

Denhelm :

This robust light fixture is constructed with die-cast zinc and available in Brushed Nickel and Burnt Sienna finishes. The chandelier comes with four, eight and ten, and twelve-light assortments and comes with a one-year warranty. The bigger pieces are more opt for informal spaces within the offices and smaller ones are great for conference rooms and bigger cabin spaces.

Belton :

This industrial Seagull lighting chandelier is a unique creation with its seeded glass shapes that enhance the overall appeal of the Edison bulbs attached to it. It is more of a vintage collection that derives its inspiration from twentieth century America. Their conventional appeal is enhanced by its clean heirloom bronze finish. They come in three and five bulbs arrangements.

Winnetka :

This collection offers small, medium, large and grand lighting solutions with chandeliers having three, five, nine, and fifteen light. Its clean geometric assemble makes it a subtle ornamentation of radiance supplying ample brightness even in a large room. Created with a finish of blacksmith and brushed nickel with satin etched glass, it can be converted to LED upon prior notice.

There are of course many more options to choose from. One can find the most suitable lighting solution by exploring the whole range and keeping in mind which object goes to which place.  With the right budget and planning, a chandelier can be easily purchased and installed.

Posted by jeff121 at 1:53 AM EST
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Sunday, 6 November 2016
Choose Rustic Furniture the Next Time You Decorate Your Home
Rustic furniture can be made or bought or even customized when negotiating with the seller. Keen customers must be very much aware of every detail when purchasing them as this could break or make the entire room/space in their house. One should keep in mind that rustic furniture ( ) does not have to be very expensive or that buying a piece of furniture with much elaboration and decorations attached is the best idea. Let us look at some of the unique pieces of rustic furniture available.

Wooden Chair :

Rustic chairs could add an extra quotient of natural charm mainly due to its simple yet homely appearance. This could be skillfully crafted from a variety of materials like maple, oak, pine, cedar, or even barn wood. Wooden chairs can be placed on the porches, in the drawing room, perhaps near the fireplace or even in a bedroom near the window. This can be bought in multiples for a wooden dining table or a nice big accent wooden chair would be a perfect piece of rustic furniture for that mellow look.

You can get it customized by adding a cushion on the bottom/backrest. Painting the rustic chair to match with the rest of the décor ( ) would not be a bad idea or would not reduce the natural feel of it.

Kitchen Pantry/Cabinets/Shelves :

Everyone loves a good kitchen. It is not just a place where food is prepared but also a place for gatherings and memories. That’s why rustic furniture should be used in such places to express themselves in the forms of kitchen cabinets and shelves or even a pantry cabinet. These fitting does not need high maintenance and are available in many styles that can make your kitchen a huge style statement. With various patterns and designs to choose from and many details like the number, height, width, length, space of the cabinets and shelves plus the types of door and attached handles to look into, fixing these pieces of rustic furniture should be carefully get the desired result. Old barn doors and other reused wood can be used as a closer for shelves and pantries and a coat of polish can be applied for a new sheen. You can always consult an expert about deciding to paint the furniture to suit your needs.

Dining Table :

Any custom made rustic furniture serves as a great conversation starter and can even be the most talked about item in your house in the neighborhood. A rustic dining table adds more to the dining experience in your house compelling other family members to be present and cherish the food. Dining tables can be easily made and shipped to your residence when ordered. You will be surprised to see the number of choices of materials that can be used to craft one as it is a common and popular choice, usually the first thing that come to mind when people think of rustic furniture. Good maintenance and proper use can take this furniture piece a long way and make you feel good about your investment.

Posted by jeff121 at 11:32 PM EST
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