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My Window to the World
Monday, 3 June 2013
Necessity of Professional Development for Teachers
Topic: education

In the present workplace environment, teachers find themselves in different stressful situations. Professional development requirements, deadlines, performance reviews are among the various the factors that add to the stress of teachers. The new teachers are expected to live up to the high standards and the veteran teachers are enquired to adapt themselves to the changing patterns and styles of teaching. Professional development for teachers is necessary, who wish to excel in their respective fields and also improve their capabilities. However, most of the people in this field are not sure how you go about accessing their professional development.

Teachers, who are deemed successful, must have understanding and strong knowledge of the subject matter they have taken up to teach students. Perceptions of teachers are strengthened with professional development that brings about new ways to help children learn and process the learned information. Teachers, this way can learn about new strategies that they can later implement in the classroom environment.  Performances of the students are likely to improve with introduction of new strategies. Both the teachers and the students benefit from this. It thus becomes very important that teachers expand their expertise all through their careers.

Teachers are expected to meet expectations of highest academic performance in course of the current times. Students from different district schools, for instance, must obtain specific test score results to make advancements to the next higher level. The schools must also meet the state requirements as set by the federal government. It is a fact that teachers cannot be blamed all the time for low scores of the students, but they definitely have some influence on the performance of the students. According to the recent studies a collaborative outcome has been established between improved performance of the students and professional development program for the teachers. Knowledge and quality of teachers mean everything in terms of the student’s capabilities.

Professional development for teachers can work wonders particularly in cases when teachers are working in underperforming schools. Different factors like children with special needs, language barriers, and students coming from unstable home environments can be handled by teachers following unique measures. Job requirements of a teacher become highly complex and challenging in these situations, however; with professional development a teacher can meet standards and put them in place. Students should be treated as equal and each one of them must get the same opportunity. Although it is natural to choose favorites, teachers must treat all students equally and reach out to them when required.

The teaching profession is ever hanging and quite complex. Teachers thus must be aware of the continuous opportunity for growth. Professional development for teachers not only helps to improve their skills, but also improve their sustainability and performance in a class. Students as well as the teachers benefit from the tools learned from professional development. Professional development for teachers must be seen as absolute necessary and not for professional reasons. Teachers must have the moral obligation to be the best in their field.

This article was written by Dani Suarez, on behalf of The Creativity Workshop, helping students, teachers and writers nurture the creativity in them. To know about the different creative techniques you may also visit

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Friday, 31 May 2013
Feng Shui Floor Plans for Your Bedroom
Topic: Business

Feng Shui and floor plans of a house go hand-in-hand. Feng Shui operates on the belief that everything emits energy. This energy can be of the good kind or the bad kind. The practice also advocates the belief that everything has its own place. The positioning of certain objects can determine whether the energy it emits is positive or negative.

One of the most important parts of a house would be your bedroom. We spend a lot of time there- for sleeping, reading a book or for whatever other reason. And so, it is very important to make sure that the bedroom floor plans result in the perfect balance between good energy and bad energy.

To Feng Shui optimize your bedroom, follow these steps:

The Bed

Make sure that the bed is placed right. Feng Shui masters say that a place diagonally away from the door is the perfect position for the bed. Some recommend that floor plan of the room put the bed be in a central position- because, you know, it’s a bedroom- or perhaps in a spot from where you can see the rest of the room, including the door. The head part of the bed should ideally be against the wall, or at least have a sturdy headboard for support.

According to Chinese custom, a dead body is taken out of a room feet first. Which is why, the floor plans must be such that your feet never face the door- it leads to the accumulation of a whole lot of bad energy.

Some say that using an element chart to find one’s element and its corresponding direction is helpful in placing the bed. However, that wouldn’t help if the door is in the place where your bed is supposed to be.

Mirror, Mirror

The mirror must never be placed right in front of the bed. Apparently, if you can see yourself in bed in the mirror, then you are likely to spend a lot of time in bed- mostly being sick. We wouldn’t want that now, would we? Further, it is highly recommended that mirrors be on closet doors, so that when you do not need to use it, you can just close the closet door.

 A Desk in the Corner- Maybe

Desks are also required to occupy a central position in the bedroom. The chief belief is that when the desk faces the door- perhaps even the rest of the room- it stimulates the brain and invites clear thinking. Maybe this will help you when you are poring over boring reports or while doing your taxes.

On the other hand, you have to make sure that the desk cannot be seen from the bed. It could remind you of all those things you have yet to do and likely spoil your sleep. Tension and a headache are likely. But, considering that usually there’s only a limited amount of space in the bedroom, we may have to ignore this one.

All That Clutter

Clutter is a big no-no when it comes to Feng Shui-ing your bedroom. Stuffing your room with too many things is likely to fill your room with bad Chi. This energy may adversely affect any task that you are just beginning. Think of the phrase ‘cast a shadow’- now you know what the Chinese mean. Leaving things from unfinished tasks or poorly finished ones, things that bring back less than happy memories must all be done-away with.

Windows and Doors

Windows must have good panes. Old, broken and rickety ones are synonymous with bad energy. Using the Chinese elements chart- which is decided based on your birth date- you can pick colors for the panes and the curtains. But, regardless of what your element may be, warm earthy tones are usually recommended.

There are plenty of things to consider when creating floor plans for the bedroom. Although it may seem easier to adhere to if you are just moving into a new house, shifting furniture in a place you are settled in is possible- it will make for an interesting weekend activity.

This article was written by Rosendo Sharrai, on behalf of Monster House Plans, a leading source of floor plans for new homes, old homes and for small homes. For more information on floor plans, visit Wikipedia.

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Friday, 24 May 2013
The Best Treatment Centers for your Condition
Topic: health

To find the best treatment centers for any kind of addiction, diagnosis or condition, requires research and input from professionals and those who have experienced the need for this kind of help. Help like this can be found in many places near your home. This is assuming that the person who needs help also recognizes that they need help. One can lead a horse to water, but if the horse is not thirsty, the horse will not drink and cannot be forced to drink. This adage holds true to addicts of all types: if they think that they do not need help, they will not seek it.

If you care deeply for a person who is addicted to any one substance, there are ways to make them wake up. Taking them to see and experience first-hand what they go through (when they are in a sober state of mind) and how it affects their life is a good first step. Information about how ones mental and physical health is affected is a good second step to convincing them to find the best treatment centers. For example, a cigarette smoker may decide to quit after seeing how a human lung looks after a lifetime of smoking.

Every large North American city has treatment options for their citizens and even connections to the best treatment centers nearby or in the country. After recognizing and agreeing that one needs help, the next step is to find the best place to receive this help. Approach the family doctor or a trusted physician; admit oneself into a hospital and if they cannot help, they will help you find a place to go for the appropriate help. If ones addiction is enough to make Charlie Sheen grimace, then perhaps one should consider an investment into the rehabilitation clinic that he attended, as it seems to have worked for Mr. Sheen. 

Without utilizing the best treatment centers available, one might not successfully heal. Recovery from addiction is hard enough, but doing it on your own will make it harder. Treatment centers have access to and provide a many beneficial of services for both outpatient and inpatient care. Treatment is not total and complete recovery. That comes from months, often years, of hard work.

The best treatment centers are not only available for those addicted to drugs or alcohol. Medical conditions like schizophrenia require therapy and sometimes those who suffer from that condition must attend a clinic or center to help them get their life back on track. When treated and released from any clinic, or announced fit to enter back into society, one must keep up with their recovery by adhering to the policies and strategies set forth for them by doctors and professionals. Sometimes, regular therapy is prescribed for good reason. Whatever is instructed to someone recovering from an addiction by a professional should be followed. Following the instructions will greatly reduce your chances of a relapse.  If you do experience a relapse, don’t lose heart.  Keep trying and reaching for success.


This article was written by Allie Roseboom, on behalf of Treatment Is Not Recovery, helping you cope with the problem of addiction. To know more about substance abuse, you may also visit

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Saturday, 18 May 2013
Limit Radiation Exposure with an EMF Shield
Topic: science

While individuals are exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF) periodically in their homes, electrical workers are in contact with EMFs regularly in their profession. Their day-to-day schedule includes working with power lines or electrical systems, with radiation surrounding them.

As workers in the industry, they must be extra careful when dealing with these fields and take precautions to minimize their exposure while still operating electrical equipment or circuits. EMF shielding is used in this profession as a way to safeguard employees from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation.

Who is Most Vulnerable to Electromagnetic Radiation?

Electricians, welders and machinists who work around areas of high electric power, such as generators, cables, electric motors and power supplies, are in the presence of electromagnetic fields on a regular basis. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, though exposure is confirmed, there have been no federal limits established in the United States to limit worker exposure.

Other employees, such as desk workers, may also be affected by exposure to electromagnetic fields. This is due to the wireless network set up in the workplace, as well as the computer, fax machine, photocopiers and lights emitting radiation energy. As an employer, it is important to monitor all the risks, even the invisible ones that may affect his or her employees.

Larger government agencies don’t see a problem in EMF exposure either. Instead, private agencies have developed guidelines for workers to limit EMF exposure. Because of inconclusive data in the research on health effects, action towards proper working conditions, such as EMF shields, has been limited.

How to protect them?

Workers and employers should work together to limit exposure to dangerous EMFs. Methods, such as informing them about the dangers and letting them act accordingly are is an important step. This may include increasing distance to high power sources, using low EMF designs when possible, and reducing exposure by only performing necessary actions.

Other measures have been taken protect workers. Engineering and administrative controls, including limitations on access and audible and visible warnings can be helpful for workers. Personal protective clothing can provide EMF shields against shocks and burns. Medical surveillance keeps electrical workers under safe watch and supplies medical attention when needed. Worksite rules which focus on preventing interference with cardiac equipment, detonation of explosives and fires caused by spark discharges or contact currents on site, must be kept in mind, as well.

By taking proper precautions, such as EMF shielding, to minimize radiation exposure, employers can ensure the safety of everyone in their department.

Electromagnetic fields are everywhere. But they can be more prominent in workplaces that deal with electrical sources. The risk of prolonged exposure may be damaging to health by impairing the body’s immune system, increasing fatigue and adding stress to our systems. Employers should be aware of EMF dangers, inform their employees about the risks, and set out to implement strategies to limit the exposure of his or her workers. EMF shields, increasing distance to electrical outlets and shutting down systems when not in use are a few precautions against radiation. If you would like to learn more about EMF shields and how to protect yourself, research the products available in the market today.

This article was written by Garland Gauze, on behalf of DefenderPad, a leading source of EMF shields. For more information on electromagnetic fields, visit Wikipedia.

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Friday, 17 May 2013
The Broader Role of a Food Safety Supervisor in NSW
Topic: education

All food retailers must employ a Food Safety Supervisor in NSW that holds a certificate authorized by the NSW Food Authority. This mandate ensures proper supervisory procedures are in place to oversee proper hygiene and food preparation, hygiene procedures and implementation of food safety procedures, and also consists of units that cover training to identify  improper hygiene procedures for all employees, regardless of if they are working in the kitchen or not. One of the easiest ways to ensure good hygiene practice to to emphasize the important of proper hand washing techniques and methods.  Although hand washing might seem like a relatively simple task, using correct hand washing techniques is the most effective practices to help guard against a number of infectious diseases, such as influenza (the "flu") or the common cold. Hands pick up micro-organisms (germs) in various different ways.  When sick people sneeze or cough, for example, tiny droplets containing these germs are expelled into the air. If these droplets get onto the hands, and the individual then touches the mouth, eyes or nose without washing away the germs, the infection is then carried on.

There is also a risk of illness if hands are not washed properly before and after preparing food, after handling raw meat, or after using the toilet. Washing hands not only prevents personal illness, but it also reduces the risk of infecting others. People can also get sick from the germs unwashed hands leave on shared objects like doorknobs, keyboards, and other equipment in the home or workplace. Hand-to-hand contact can spread mild conditions, such as the common cold, but also more severe or life-threatening diseases. As a Food Safety Supervisor in NSW, identifying and helping to prevent greater risks for the spread of infection is crucial to ensure a clean and healthy workplace. Following these simple steps will help thoroughly rid the hands of germs.

Washing hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is a very good practice for safe, effective hand hygiene. Start by removing any hand or arm jewelry, wetting the hands with warm water, and then adding regular soap. In the length of time it takes to sing ‘Happy Birthday’, rub the hands together, ensuring all surfaces have been lathered for at least 15 seconds. Be sure to wash the front and back of the hands, as well as between fingers and under the nails. Next, rinse the hands well under warm running water by using a rubbing motion, and wipe and dry the hands gently with a paper towel or a clean towel, as vigorous drying can damage the skin. Ensure to turn off the tap using the paper towel so to prevent re-contamination. When using a public bathroom, a good trick is to use the same paper towel to open the door when leaving to also stop re-contamination. These tricks and more are taught to food safety supervisors in NSW.

A successful Food Safety Supervisor in NSW will have the knowledge and skills to educate and train employees to help prevent illness, decreasing sick time, and improving wellness in the workplace overall. This is just one small piece of the bigger picture in certification. Take a course and get the whole view today!

This article was written by Merilyn Uchida, on behalf of Food Safety Today, helping you take online courses on food safety and seek employment in the retail and hospitality industry. To know about a food handler, you may also visit 

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Updated: Friday, 17 May 2013 8:11 AM EDT
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Monday, 13 May 2013
An Online Associate’s Degree: A Degree in Just Two Years
Topic: education

What is an Associate’s degree?
An Associate’s degree is a two year program that is done instead of the usual four-year Bachelor’s program. It is helpful for those who cannot afford a Bachelor’s and would like to hit the job market sooner. This could be an online Associate’s degree or a live one.

How useful is it?
Depending on the field that you are trying to enter, an Associate’s degree can be very useful. If it is one of those fields that require just two years of study, rather than four, then an Associate’s would be great. These fields include technical, creative and even healthcare. Some of the jobs that accept an Associate’s are- web designer, physical therapist, paralegal and registered nurse.

Should the need arise; you can always pursue your Bachelor’s a year or so after being on the job. Or you could do it online. You would have the necessary on-the-job training, which is sometimes much more valuable than the degree itself. Many believe that this degree won’t get you a high-paying job like a Bachelor’s would. Not true. You can get a high-paying job in your chosen field with a two year degree as well. Many companies and businesses accept the Associate’s degree.

These days doing an online Associate’s degree is all the rage, and with good reason.

Why should you do it online?
Distance education is on the rise. Online classes are said to be the future of education. Doing a course online can be just as tough as doing a live one. An online Associate’s degree program is helpful in many ways. For one, you could join a job right away and pursue the degree at the same time. For another, it is less expensive to do so and you will have an income. It will be taking ‘learning on the job’ to a whole new level.

Further, some universities condense the course so that you can finish it even earlier. This does not compromise the quality of the course at all. The quality is maintained and the students are expected to work hard.

If there are no accredited colleges offering Associates degree near where you live, then you can choose one which offers one online. You could be living in Ohio and doing an Associate’s degree from UPenn or Urbana-Champaign and so on. The choices are endless.

More benefits of an online Associate’s degree
The second thing about doing it online is that you can do it from the confines of your home, or during lunch break in your office or while travelling. As long as you have access to a computer with internet connection, then you are all set.

This is especially great for a stay-at-home parent. You could keep an eye on your child while doing the online degree. You won’t have to feel guilty about hiring a babysitter while you are away at college!

Doing an online Associate’s degree program has too many benefits to be discounted. Go online, check out the programs that suit you and sign up right away. You never know what doors might open up later on.

This article was written by Reggie Hartnell, on behalf of SimpleDegrees, a leading online education referral service which will help you find an online Associate’s degree. For more information on distance education, visit Wikipedia.

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Thursday, 2 May 2013
The Benefits of Outsourcing Small Business Accounting Tasks
Topic: accounting

Embarking on the often-perilous journey of becoming a small business owner and operator requires a great deal of ingenuity, commitment, and an overarching entrepreneurial spirit. Although there are individuals and organizations that help achieve business success, the key to success for any small business owner is their own commitment to their vision; without a passion to see their business succeed, a business has little to no chance of achieving financial stability. This is why many business owners try and keep the outsourcing of jobs to a minimum, including bookkeeping and accounting. An owner can complete small business accounting tasks if they have a significant amount of disposable time as well as the skill set to do so. More often than not however, entrepreneurs will not have developed accounting and financial reporting skills to the level that is needed.

Hiring an outside accountant might seem like an unnecessary expense, but more often than not, the money saved from bringing in an expert to organize and streamline financial records and taxation filing, is far greater than the cost of this outsourcing. Moreover, small business accounting experts will be able to glean the big picture based on their observations and the owners’ business model. From this big picture, an effective accountant will be able to present strategic advice to ensure future financial viability and develop customized financial management reports. The reason that financial experts are so invaluable to any business is that they are in touch with financial climate, both domestic and international. Not only does this keen awareness of economic climate help with their business advice, but also means they are aware of changing financial and tax policy. Being aware of all pertinent legislative changes means that an accountant can save a business the headache of possible audit as well as save significant amounts on deductions that the owner may not be aware of.

An accountant will have all the skills necessary to not only file taxes effectively but also upkeep the everyday business records and ensures expenditures are not exceeding allowable amounts. Small business accounting entails general bookkeeping and also setting up accounts, management of accounts, payroll, and loan determination and management. Among other roles, a business owner should view their accountant as a financial business consultant; because even if they are not needed on a daily basis, they are always available for consultation on issues related to cash flow, inventory price management, etc. All of these tasks should only be fulfilled by an trustworthy and reliable accountant who understands the needs and role of each and every business they deal with.

Small Business owners have much to lose with the hiring of an uninformed and uncaring accountant, which is why the process of selecting the correct person is important. Although the aforementioned tasks will go a long way to increasing profit margins, this will only be the case if they are qualified and thorough. For all small business accounting tasks, look for an individual or company with a good reputation and whose experience is relevant to one’s unique business.

Are you looking for small business accounting ( )?   Our client accounting services enable you to focus on your vision while we manage the elements of your business accounting and finance functions. To know the federal income tax brackets and marginal rates visit

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Tuesday, 30 April 2013
29er Full Suspension Bikes for Women
Topic: shopping

MAre you a female rider and tired of looking for the right bike with the appropriate geometrics for female riders? Well, the good news is you have the 29er full suspension bikes, which are specifically designed for women with custom tuned shocks and the perfect geometrics. Fate carbon 29er Hardtail was introduced for the first time in 2011. The development process started on a dual-suspension rig and a prototype was released.

Women's 29er riders can benefit from the two latest technologies: The new Women's M5 Alloy frame that comes with tube sets, Women's XC Trail 29 Geometry, 110mm rear and front travel as well as water bottle clearance of on different sizes. 29er full suspension bikes are made of M5 aluminum was developed keeping in mind female riders all across the country. The cross country geometry and optimized reach supports stable climbing.

These bikes were developed by experts from the ground up with a shock carriage and a two piece top. This helped the designers create in-line suspension and meet their targets in terms of bottle clearance, ride quality and stand over. The bikes come with custom tuned suspension, which is exactly right for the female riders. Experts conducted extensive research on center of gravity for women, weight distribution to find out the maximum spring rate for the lady riders. Experts could successfully attain a balanced performance that a female rider requires by establishing a tandem between the suspension and design of the bike.

The Expert and the Comp models come with Autosag suspension that automatically sets proper sag, offers simple adjustment, sets air pressure and make quick adjustments for maximum suspension performance.

A rider is required to sit in the saddle and pushes the specially designed transfer port on shock for releasing air pressure until a particular level is reached based on the weight of the rider. This helps to use Autosag suspension feature and the rider gets the "perfect sag" by equalizing negative and the positive chambers. Women's Body Geometry data was kept in mind all through the process of development of the 29er Full Suspension mountain bikes for women. Women’s Enduro grips, Jett saddle, size specific parts ensure the lady riders enjoy the best fit at every point of contact. Size specific crank lengths to the small diameter grips, all have been optimized keeping in mind the comfort of the female riders.

Woman out on the trails are found more confidant with the improved stability and 29" wheels. The 29er full suspension bikes are said to be game changers that has dramatically improved trailing experience for woman and has emerged to be the next big thing in the industry.

Women bikers from all over the world have been contacted to offer the perfect riding opportunity for women on the trails or at home in the mountains. So, if you too want to make the most of the trail versatility, make sure to look into the 29er full suspension mountain bikes online and get one that suits your requirements.

This article was written by Noma Dobrichm, on behalf of Switchback Bikes offering the widest range of bikes and accessories. For more information on mountain biking, you may also visit Wikipedia.

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Friday, 26 April 2013
Bold Bathing Suits from Brands like Maaji Swimwear
Topic: shopping

There are so many brands on the market selling beachwear, each with its own unique style. It is a wonder then that so many women still opt for plain, utilitarian, athletic swimwear. Now, if you are a competitive swimmer or swim strictly for exercise, it might make sense to go with that all black, one piece, high performance bathing suit, but it’s baffling how many women, even noes who would normally put a lot of effort into their personal style, wear these suits just to splash in the waves or lounge around on the beach. If you find yourself always heading for the plain black athletic bathing suit, challenge yourself this year to try a fun and stylish brand like Maaji Swimwear. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you’ll find.

Many women choose simple, boring utilitarian swimwear because they fear that a trendier suit will just go out of style immediately and they’ll have to keep shelling out money for new bathing suits every year. Though it might be wise to avoid flashy fads or fleeting trends, it is still possible to find a stylish and beautiful bathing suit that can still last you for a couple of years or more. Brands like Maaji Swimwear offer styles in rich, deep jewel tones, vibrant brights, and other colors that are flattering without being too trendy. Maaji Swimwear also carries a number of patterned suits, ranging from pretty florals to playful polka dots. These styles are fun, charming, and at times even whimsical, but they aren’t so over the top that you will have to worry about them looking cheesy or dated any time soon. It doesn’t have to be black to be considered a classic!

Another thing you can look for to jazz up your go-to bathing suit is structural details. Brands like Maaji Swimwear carry suits with all sorts of interesting shapes, cuts and details. Try a style with a ruffle across the neck, or a two-piece with an asymmetrical top. Pin tucks, ruching, and crisscross straps all add interest without being too over the top or complicated to wear. In fact, many of these structural details, such as ruching or paneling, can actually make the bathing suit more flattering on your body, offering the illusion of a flatter tummy or trimmer hips. These details can actually make the bathing suit even easier to wear than the plain black suit that does absolutely nothing for your shape or complexion!


The temptation to go the safe route when it comes to swimwear is one that many women face, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give in to it! There are so many brands out there, such a Maaji Swimwear, that create beautiful pieces that will last you for seasons to come, without being dull or boring. So before you reach for that plain black suit with the high neck and no detail, stop and take a look at some detailed, colored, or patterned suits instead. You’ll see that you don’t have to go over the top to pull off something fabulous.

This article was written by Ramona Korpan, on behalf of Azura Swimwear, a leading source for designer swimwear collections, including the Maaji swimwear and Beach Bunny swimwear. For more information on swimwear, visit Wikipedia.

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013
Let a Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyer Be Your Guide
Topic: Others

Finding out that your company is going bankrupt can feel a bit like a sucker punch to the stomach. Whether it is your own personal company or a firm you have worked for and come to regard as a second home, having your company go bankrupt is frightening, not to mention depressing. It can feel like you’re heading into a long dark tunnel of stress and uncertainty, but before you write your company off as another Enron-type mess, you need to remember that there is light at the end of every tunnel. Maybe you can’t see it, but a Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyer might just be the helping hand you need to see your way out of the words.

First of all, as any Glendale bankruptcy lawyer knows, bankruptcy is far from the end of the road. Some of the best-known companies in the world have filed for bankruptcy and come out the other end of that tunnel going stronger than ever.  Delta Airlines and General Motors, two companies you’ve probably done business with more than once, both filed for bankruptcy at some point in their history and yet when you need to get somewhere, both of those companies are still available to do business with you.

Recognizing that filing for bankruptcy isn’t the same as signing your life, your work and your future away is a good start, but there’s more to the process. Bankruptcy requires a lot of work and a lot of careful, heavy decision making. The process can be overwhelming, especially if you feel like you have to do it alone. That’s why hiring a Glendale bankruptcy lawyer is a smart thing to do before you even pick up a pen to start your bankruptcy paperwork. They can steer you in the right direction, and make sure that the bankruptcy tunnel is a straight line, not a dark and dangerous cavern full of traps, trolls and trouble.

A Glendale bankruptcy lawyer can also make sure that the light at the end of the bankruptcy tunnel is brighter than you could ever have imagined when you first filed. Bankruptcy doesn’t happen by accident, and a good bankruptcy lawyer won’t just hand you the papers and show you where to sign. They will help you understand what happened and, more importantly, they will help you put measures in place to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Bankruptcy is bad, but it’s not one big disastrous event. It’s something you can steer though, and steer away from in the future.

So, when you find yourself careening down the bankruptcy tunnel and wondering how you’re ever going to make it to the other end, remember that your world isn’t ending. This is just something that you have to get through to make it to the light at the end of the tunnel. If you hire a Glendale bankruptcy lawyer to help you, support you and guide you through this difficult process, you may just find that the light at the other end of the bankruptcy tunnel is a better business than you had before!

This article was written by Winter Truss, on behalf of DCDMLawGroup, helping clients across Southern California protect their assets from the reach of creditors, whether employing a variety of asset protection strategies or through bankruptcy reorganization. To know how you can claim bankruptcy, you may also visit

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