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Saturday, 25 June 2016
3 Reasons Why Corporates Should Use Escape Rooms for Team Building
Topic: Sports
Team building activities are the key to the success of every business as it helps the employees (the most important part of an organization!) to evolve as a cohesive unit. While there are a couple of team building activities in Dallas ( ) that can help you build a closely-connected team, escape rooms is the one that tops the chart.

It offers an interesting environment where people are required to complete various puzzles or complete tasks in order to escape the room. This alternative form of entertainment offers several benefits to businesses that are hard to ignore. So, here are the top 3 reasons why corporates should use escape rooms for team building.

Encourage Employees to Work Together

The beauty of escape rooms is they force employees to put aside their differences and work together as a team. The activities require the employees to use their best qualities and combine them to achieve success in escape games.

The activities are based on different skill sets which ensure everyone can contribute to success. Working together in escape rooms breaks social barriers and fosters stronger communication and co-operation which stay with employees even after returning to the office.

Help to Learn Problem Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills are important in the workplace as it helps employees to analyze problems, determine their severity and evaluate the effect of alternative solutions. People with problem-solving skills are in better position to utilize available resources and solve an issue in a positive manner. These skills also help them work efficiently with their co-workers, vendors, partners, and customers.

Escape rooms demand out of the box thinking and problem-solving skills to achieve success in the games. Since the activities in escape rooms have a time limit, players have to think on feet to come up with quick answers. These games and brainstorming activities prepare employees ready for any critical workplace situations.

Empower Employees

The mundane and repetitive tasks at workplace make life boring for employees. Pulling employees out of boredom and placing them in the surreal situation helps in relieving stress and stimulates teamwork. Escape rooms offer employees an environment different from the workplace that can help them increase productivity and excel at work.

When a business provides such opportunities of fun and entertainment, employees feel valued. After all, the organization has gone out of the way and selected some physical activity and live-action for employees that is enjoyable and out of the norm. Escape room games tap physical and social desires of the employees while providing a bit of thrill and intellectual stimulation that makes them happy.


Looking at the benefits above, it’s clear escape rooms are new venues of team building ( ) that foster communication and develop a new thought process in employees. These activities invariably enhance the productivity of employees and prepare them to meet any unseen challenges in business with a united front.

Posted by jeff121 at 2:04 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 21 June 2016
Norwell Lighting - Lighting fixtures with a touch of the Colonial American era
Topic: Lighting
For adequate illumination and to make an enticing environment, it is necessary that you have the right sort of lighting in your home. This lighting ought to be mindful to the requests of various rooms. Case in point, lighting needs in your garage would be altogether different from that in your kitchen. Correspondingly, lighting necessities of your room would vary from that in the kids' play zone. Norwell lighting is one such brand that offers lighting installations to fulfill all your brightening needs.

Norwell Lighting ( ) is a premium lighting organization, presumed as being specialists in the field. They work efficiently to meet buyer necessities and assembling apparatuses that are a great blend of usefulness and stylistic layout.

Let's go through the diverse items offered by this trusted brand:

Bath and Wall Sconces

Wall sconces provide a beautifying purpose and in addition a useful one by removing the tedium of a wide wall breadth. They can be utilized for accent and additionally task lighting. Bath sconces help task lighting needs and add style to your lavatory stylistic layout. You can pick apparatuses from the wide range accessible from Norwell Lighting, similar to Sapphire, Sienna and Trevi. The accessible offerings incorporate choices with LED lights, fluorescent lights and ( ) also brilliant and incandescent lights.

Roof Mounted Lights

Roof Mounted lights are appropriate for low-roof rooms where a pendant light would take up an excess of space. They are accessible as flush and semi-flush models. A portion of the models in vogue with purchasers are Birmingham, Clayton, Legacy and Mercer. Metal finishes for customization incorporate Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Aged Brass and Architectural Bronze.


Chandeliers are most appropriate for high ceiling rooms, to draw the consideration of your visitors. The relevance is on the stylish design which ought to supplement your house's stylistic layout. The wide range of ceiling fixtures from Norwell Lighting arrive in a compact range of designs. The most elaborate designs on offer are 9 light model for expansive spaces like lobbies and auditoriums and stretches out down four light alternatives, which are suited for smaller settings. A range of imaginative finishes like brushed nickel supplements more traditional choices like aged brass.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are suspended fixtures which can be utilized as a part of smaller settings like lounge areas and kitchens. Well-picked pendant lights go about as a counterpoint to the stylistic theme plan and furniture. Norwell Lighting has a range of brass pendants on offer for discerning purchasers. Jeremy, Loft, Studio, Windsor are the open pendant models. Shaded drum pendants like Metalique and Maya are additionally on offer for fanatics of moderate outline.

Outside Lighting Fixtures

Norwell Lighting's range of outdoor fittings offers a striking return to the time of post house lamps and stable lights. Both divider mounted and post mounted lights are on offer. The impacts of cruising boats, voyaging dealers and stallion riders are seen unmistakably in these models. Wall mounted apparatuses incorporate varieties like American Heritage, Olde Colony, Seafarer and Mariner. Post mounted installations incorporate Beacon, New Orleans, Cottage and Vidalia.

Posted by jeff121 at 4:10 AM EDT
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All You Need to Know About Email Filtering
Topic: Software
Efficiency, conciseness and speedy delivery are the reasons why email is the default means of communication in business organizations. Be it internal communication or communication with customers and clients, email is a unanimous choice that resonates with every occasion and circumstance. But what if emails start to get misleading, malicious and unreliable at your work space? Could you trust emails anymore and would you still believe that it’s a productive means of communication? Would you put up with thousands of spam messages in your inbox and still pretend that you are not bothered? If your answer is ‘no’, you need email filtering ( ). Here’s why.

Why Spamming is a Major Concern?

Though we ignore the spam messages that bombard our inboxes every now and then, spamming in general cannot be ignored. Statistics reveal that 65% of the email communication happening around the world is basically spam; unwanted messages that clog up mailboxes and waste a considerable amount of our time and resources.

Sometimes, they are not just unwanted but extremely dangerous too, as they carry viruses and malwares that hack computer systems and shut down servers. Business organizations that rely on thousands of emails everyday are the biggest victims of these spam messages and with every counter attack, spammers are finding new ways to penetrate mailboxes. So, as long as business organizations don’t take spammers seriously, they will keep facing productivity losses and stay vulnerable to security threats.

How can Email Filtering Help?

As the name suggests, email filtering is a way to filter spam messages from essential ones and keep spamming at a minimum. It is offered as email security and management service by many third parties and used by all the major business organizations. Under email filtering, every inbound and outbound mail of a business organization is passed through a mail exchange record that entails a combination of spam filters. These filters could be list based filters that contain exhaustive lists of blacklisted IP addresses or word based filters that scan every mail for spam content. A spam filtering setup could also be a combination of both list based and word based filters that effectively block most of the spam.

Advantages of Email Filtering Systems

Apart from keeping spam at bay, there are many other advantages that spam filtering offers to a business organization. They are as mentioned below.

•  Email filtering services are way cheaper when compared to the losses organizations face due to lack of productivity and security breaches.

•  These services are directly integrated into the existing email setup an organization is using and there is absolutely no need for a different email system ( ) or additional hardware/software installations.

•  The interface of the filtering setup is designed to be very user friendly. Hence employees of an organization need not be specially trained or have great technical skills to use the service.

•  The email filtering lists offered by these services are pretty robust in nature and updated frequently to find newer spamming techniques and eliminate security threats as soon as they are found.

Posted by jeff121 at 3:02 AM EDT
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Monday, 20 June 2016
We Buy Homes for Cash in Washington, DC
Topic: Real Estate
We Buy Homes Swiftly and Effortlessly

For reasons best known to you, if you are seeking ‘We buy Homes’ ( https://webuyhomes-inc ) buyers in the capital city of Washington, DC, you are looking at finalizing a house buying company who matches your criteria, then you should do just that.

What are some of the criteria you have in mind when you are looking for house buyers in Washington, DC?

•  You seek a house buying company that has been around for some time, say at least 10 years and who specialize in buying homes quickly directly from the homeowners.

•  Experience and expertise are of great importance, house buyers who have these two would work well for you too, as they have the know-how to go about it, and you will be able to sell your house in 7 days even.

•  The house buying company should have a physical presence near where you live, as in have an office in Washington, DC where you reside. That way you can visit them at their office for any discussions or clarifications and the staff members are easily reachable.

•  Your choice house buying companies in the DC area does not charge any commission or fees and there no additional charges levied.

•  In case you want to sell home fast, a ‘We buy Homes As Is’ company is a better alternative than hiring the services of a “real estate agent.”

•  If you are seeking a stress-free and hassle-free option to sell your house, then house buying companies are ideal. As you can sell your house swiftly and are even offered competitive price in a short time. Once you have agreed, the whole process of selling your house can be completed in 7 days. Because when selling via “Realtors,” it could take even up to 6-12 months’ time or even more to get your house off the market.

•  When selling your house to house buying companies, you can be rest assured that you can sell your house “As Is”, irrespective of whether it is big or small, old or new, and even whether an ugly or pretty house even.

•  You are spared the trouble of staging your home, prepping, decluttering, cleaning, repairing, and keeping it up-to-date till you finalize a buyer, because a house buying company doesn’t even believe in this or even ask for it even.

•  You can close on selling your house in 7 days and for cash.

Now that you are aware - Go the ‘We Buy Homes’ way

No fuss, no pain, but all gain when you get cash for house in 7 days. So, if you are interested and convinced, await a knock on your door from reputed ‘We Buy Homes’ ( ) house buying companies in Washington, DC and you will be relieved of all the ensuing long-drawn home buying process. And at the end of 7 days, your house is sold and you can focus your energies on other important matters at hand.

Posted by jeff121 at 6:59 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 14 June 2016
Top Five Gardening Hoes for Cleaning Up the Garden
Topic: Gardening
If gardening is your favorite pastime, you must be using various tools for cleaning up your lawn. Several tools are available that help to serve the purpose of digging holes, cutting, trimming, watering and raking. However, if you are a novice in gardening, start with the most basic tool. You can use gardening hoes ( ) for digging. Hoes are normally used in a chopping motion which helps to get rid of dirt and weeding. You can get a range of hoes in the market, but should select the one which will meet your specific requirement.

Let’s have a look at the top five gardening hoes:

1.  Standard - If you have just started out gardening, buy standard hoe. The square blades of this tool are fixed at right angles to long handle and they help to remove both the dirt and weeds. Its blades are quite wide for collecting dirt as well as other materials.

2.  Grub - Grub hoe consists of longer and stronger blade compared to the standard one. It has the capability of penetrating deeper into the soil and can extract the roots of the wild flowers and plants. Moreover, it can cut their roots. You will need this tool if you are cleaning a rough ground. This is one of the oldest forms of gardening hoes and is mainly used with swinging motion. You can use its long handle for chopping out medium to large wildflowers and plants, particularly in pathways and the edges of the beds. In addition, this tool is used for breaking lumps of soil in a new ground and for eliminating grass. It is also a good trench-digger and mostly used by the farmers throughout the globe.

3.  Collinear – Collinear hoe is not the right alternative for digging. Nevertheless, it is good for scraping the ground for cutting and collecting weeds. It consists of a sharp, rectangular blade and is used by dragging while walking through the wildflowers and plants.

4.  Amman Hula – Created by Amman Company in Switzerland, Amman Hula is also known as the scuffle or oscillating hoe and this is effective for a push as well as pull stroke. If you have large weeds in your garden with loose soil, this tool is probably the best one for removing them. In fact, this is one of the best-selling gardening hoes for removing weeds and is suitable for row crops. Nevertheless, it is not very nifty as slicing hoes, if the weeds in your garden are small in size. It has hard spring replaceable steel blades and makes a robust and effective tool for most of the horticulturists.

5.  Dewit Diamond – Now, if you want to eliminate unwanted plants and flowers when they are small, this hoe will be the right option for you. This tool ( ) works fast and accurately on your garden surface. It has four sharp edges and it removes weeds in all directions lying flat on the soil or beneath the surface of the soil. If you handle it properly, it can even weed right up to the base of your plants. Made in Holland, this tool is created from high carbon steel with a sharp edge.

Choose one of the best gardening hoes and spruce up your garden in a flawless manner.

Posted by jeff121 at 3:09 AM EDT
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Thursday, 9 June 2016
It is Possible to Sell Your House “As Is” in 7 Days!
Topic: Real Estate
For all intents and purposes, what does selling your home “As Is” translate to? Do you know what it essentially means?

•  Selling your house “As Is” ( housebuyersofamerica/selling-house-as-is ) in essence means exactly that. You are selling your home “As Is” in the very condition it is presently in.

•  When you opt to sell your house “As Is”, you don’t need to clean, repair or remodel your house.

•  However old your house is, or it is in some dire need of repairs and renovations, you need not foray into it, because you are planning to sell it to the house buyers who will buy your house “As Is.”

•  Your house needs a long awaited paint job as it looks dull and old. But you hold off on that thought as you can sell your house “As Is.”

•  If not anything, a good spring-cleaning is long overdue, but owing to situations, time, money, and your inability to do so, you have deferred it. Now, you don’t have to bother as there are house buyers who will buy it “As Is”.

•  You find your answers and solutions in a home buyer who you can sell your home “As Is” in any condition, no questions asked.

What prompted this move of selling your house “As Is,” for cash, in the least possible time? What could be the reasons for doing so?

Here are some grounds:

•  Suddenly, out of the blue, you are offered a dream job. It happened unexpectedly. A chance meeting and one thing led to another, and you received a good offer. And, it is just perfect! But, there is a catch. You have to relocate and move fast too. The joining period is short; you have to take care of many things, which include making a decision about your home. After thinking things through, you decide to sell your home fast and quickly, preferably to home buyers who will buy your home “As Is.”

•  You have inherited your grandparents’ home in the DC area as you were the only heir apparent. You are happy, elated, confused, and worried too. Wondering how you will maintain your inherited home and your own home. And, you choose the best way out i.e. sell your home “As Is” to home buying companies for cash.

•  You have put up your house on the market a while back and you registered with a “real estate agent” too. But, you are not getting a good offer and before you know it, it is almost a year since your house has been listed on the market. Dejected, you now want to sell your house “As Is” and quickly to reputed house buyers.

Yes! You can Sell Your House “As Is” to Home Buying Companies

Approaching a reliable home buying company in your locality is a prudent option. You can sell your home “As Is,” in any condition with no buying clauses at all. After a house inspection, immediate offers are made and a commitment to close the sale in 7 days for all-cash! Everything is above board and the processes are undertaken seamlessly and before you know it, you can sell your house “As Is” and in the least possible time even! How perfect is that?

Posted by jeff121 at 1:46 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 7 June 2016
Maternity Girdles help you in Getting your Pre Pregnancy Figure Back
Topic: Clothing
Childbirth, though a joyous event, comes with its own set of challenges. Bringing a new life into this world is no easy feat. A woman’s body is subjected to numerous physical and biological transformations, the most prominent of it all being enormous weight gain. At such times a young mother looks for a magic wand that could get her back into shape. Maternity girdles ( bellefit/maternity-girdles ) are such innovative products that can help every woman to get back into shape.

What is a maternity Girdle?

These girdles help in shrinking and reducing the tummy and the uterus to their original size and shape. They also help to reduce the swelling by letting the extra fluid to flow out. These are available in a variety of sizes to suit every individual.

How it helps?

The benefits of these innovative wear are indisputable. Some of the prominent ones have been discussed below:

1.  Relieves Back Pain: After having borne a baby for nine months, a woman ends up having a back/spinal pain which can be cured by using these girdles.

2.  Spine Realignment: The spine that had been subjected to excessive strain of carrying extra weight during the term of pregnancy needs to be aligned and this product helps do this to a great extent.

3.  These girdles not only support the swollen abdomen but also help to guide the displaced organs to their rightful positions.

4.  The water retention problem too is resolved by using this product.

5.  The posture is improved by wearing this girdle on a regular basis as it helps you hold your body in an upright position.

6.  They also help in boosting a new mother’s self-confidence as she starts looking attractive with a slim and a trim figure.

How to pick the right one?

A huge assortment of girdles is available in the market, but the most important thing is that you must select the correct size. While buying this product, you must look for one that includes comfort, durability, and effectiveness.


Some women wear Maternity Girdles to look slim and hide the post baby weight, others want it for giving support to their abdomen, and still others want it for comfort. In short, one should think about their specific needs and then select the one best for them.

Posted by jeff121 at 1:25 AM EDT
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Monday, 6 June 2016
How Chicago Event Companies Can Help to Choose the Right Venue?
Topic: Weddings and Events
Selection of venue can make or mar any celebration. In bustling and burgeoning cities like Chicago, IL there is no dearth of viable venues. This variety makes it intimidating for you as an organizer to make a rightful selection. A lot of things must be contemplated in advance to choose a perfect setting. It can turn into a nightmare, if you are planning on your own. But the same can be reversed, if you decide to hire a professional event management company.

There are many event companies in Chicago, IL ( ) ready to assist you with their knowhow of local demographics and landscapes. They can provide you complete support right from choosing the location to availing venue bookings at cost-effective prices. However, there are few things that you must consider before proceeding with this location hunt.

Size of Venue Must Correlate to Your Guest List :

Prepare your guest list in advance and select the location that corresponds to this number. Event companies can largely help you with their pragmatic approach and experience. Avoid overcrowding by selecting smaller spaces for a large gathering and vice versa. There have been instances where overcrowded or vacant venues have spoiled even the most lavish parties. So, taking help of professionals is always worthwhile.

Venue Should Be Relevant for Your Event :

An event can become hugely successful with a right venue attracting your target audience and making them feel comfortable. Location you select should reflect ethos behind the occasion. For personal events with lesser attendees, you can select a cozy venue but corporate events must be hosted in an appropriate location. A huge science center is appropriate for a tech and science exhibition while you can choose a stunning concert hall for fashion shows.

Check Out the Services and Amenities :

There’s lot more than you can envisage in venue selection. It includes accessibility of location from every direction and services being offered to your guests. The primary consideration is food followed by furnishing and parking facilities. In this context, event planning companies offer comprehensive services, even if you fail to consider aspects of design and architecture in venue. Artists of these companies can transform any dull space into an eclectic premise. They can offer you customized solutions in terms of floral arrangements, lighting, graphics, furniture, and fabrics. You simply need to look out for basic amenities and entrust your event manager for rest of proceedings.

Pricing matters :

This is where your event manager can be truly supportive. These companies have tie-ups and collaborations with many popular locations across the city. You can leverage upon this association for cost-effectiveness in your dealing and booking of the venue. Also, you can avail bookings through these professionals and save your day from countless hassles and extra costs.

By hiring reputed event planning companies in Chicago, all these concerns can vanish making way for an effortless event planning as envisioned by you.

Posted by jeff121 at 2:53 AM EDT
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Monday, 3 June 2013
Necessity of Professional Development for Teachers
Topic: education

In the present workplace environment, teachers find themselves in different stressful situations. Professional development requirements, deadlines, performance reviews are among the various the factors that add to the stress of teachers. The new teachers are expected to live up to the high standards and the veteran teachers are enquired to adapt themselves to the changing patterns and styles of teaching. Professional development for teachers is necessary, who wish to excel in their respective fields and also improve their capabilities. However, most of the people in this field are not sure how you go about accessing their professional development.

Teachers, who are deemed successful, must have understanding and strong knowledge of the subject matter they have taken up to teach students. Perceptions of teachers are strengthened with professional development that brings about new ways to help children learn and process the learned information. Teachers, this way can learn about new strategies that they can later implement in the classroom environment.  Performances of the students are likely to improve with introduction of new strategies. Both the teachers and the students benefit from this. It thus becomes very important that teachers expand their expertise all through their careers.

Teachers are expected to meet expectations of highest academic performance in course of the current times. Students from different district schools, for instance, must obtain specific test score results to make advancements to the next higher level. The schools must also meet the state requirements as set by the federal government. It is a fact that teachers cannot be blamed all the time for low scores of the students, but they definitely have some influence on the performance of the students. According to the recent studies a collaborative outcome has been established between improved performance of the students and professional development program for the teachers. Knowledge and quality of teachers mean everything in terms of the student’s capabilities.

Professional development for teachers can work wonders particularly in cases when teachers are working in underperforming schools. Different factors like children with special needs, language barriers, and students coming from unstable home environments can be handled by teachers following unique measures. Job requirements of a teacher become highly complex and challenging in these situations, however; with professional development a teacher can meet standards and put them in place. Students should be treated as equal and each one of them must get the same opportunity. Although it is natural to choose favorites, teachers must treat all students equally and reach out to them when required.

The teaching profession is ever hanging and quite complex. Teachers thus must be aware of the continuous opportunity for growth. Professional development for teachers not only helps to improve their skills, but also improve their sustainability and performance in a class. Students as well as the teachers benefit from the tools learned from professional development. Professional development for teachers must be seen as absolute necessary and not for professional reasons. Teachers must have the moral obligation to be the best in their field.

This article was written by Dani Suarez, on behalf of The Creativity Workshop, helping students, teachers and writers nurture the creativity in them. To know about the different creative techniques you may also visit

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Posted by jeff121 at 7:16 AM EDT
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Friday, 31 May 2013
Feng Shui Floor Plans for Your Bedroom
Topic: Business

Feng Shui and floor plans of a house go hand-in-hand. Feng Shui operates on the belief that everything emits energy. This energy can be of the good kind or the bad kind. The practice also advocates the belief that everything has its own place. The positioning of certain objects can determine whether the energy it emits is positive or negative.

One of the most important parts of a house would be your bedroom. We spend a lot of time there- for sleeping, reading a book or for whatever other reason. And so, it is very important to make sure that the bedroom floor plans result in the perfect balance between good energy and bad energy.

To Feng Shui optimize your bedroom, follow these steps:

The Bed

Make sure that the bed is placed right. Feng Shui masters say that a place diagonally away from the door is the perfect position for the bed. Some recommend that floor plan of the room put the bed be in a central position- because, you know, it’s a bedroom- or perhaps in a spot from where you can see the rest of the room, including the door. The head part of the bed should ideally be against the wall, or at least have a sturdy headboard for support.

According to Chinese custom, a dead body is taken out of a room feet first. Which is why, the floor plans must be such that your feet never face the door- it leads to the accumulation of a whole lot of bad energy.

Some say that using an element chart to find one’s element and its corresponding direction is helpful in placing the bed. However, that wouldn’t help if the door is in the place where your bed is supposed to be.

Mirror, Mirror

The mirror must never be placed right in front of the bed. Apparently, if you can see yourself in bed in the mirror, then you are likely to spend a lot of time in bed- mostly being sick. We wouldn’t want that now, would we? Further, it is highly recommended that mirrors be on closet doors, so that when you do not need to use it, you can just close the closet door.

 A Desk in the Corner- Maybe

Desks are also required to occupy a central position in the bedroom. The chief belief is that when the desk faces the door- perhaps even the rest of the room- it stimulates the brain and invites clear thinking. Maybe this will help you when you are poring over boring reports or while doing your taxes.

On the other hand, you have to make sure that the desk cannot be seen from the bed. It could remind you of all those things you have yet to do and likely spoil your sleep. Tension and a headache are likely. But, considering that usually there’s only a limited amount of space in the bedroom, we may have to ignore this one.

All That Clutter

Clutter is a big no-no when it comes to Feng Shui-ing your bedroom. Stuffing your room with too many things is likely to fill your room with bad Chi. This energy may adversely affect any task that you are just beginning. Think of the phrase ‘cast a shadow’- now you know what the Chinese mean. Leaving things from unfinished tasks or poorly finished ones, things that bring back less than happy memories must all be done-away with.

Windows and Doors

Windows must have good panes. Old, broken and rickety ones are synonymous with bad energy. Using the Chinese elements chart- which is decided based on your birth date- you can pick colors for the panes and the curtains. But, regardless of what your element may be, warm earthy tones are usually recommended.

There are plenty of things to consider when creating floor plans for the bedroom. Although it may seem easier to adhere to if you are just moving into a new house, shifting furniture in a place you are settled in is possible- it will make for an interesting weekend activity.

This article was written by Rosendo Sharrai, on behalf of Monster House Plans, a leading source of floor plans for new homes, old homes and for small homes. For more information on floor plans, visit Wikipedia.

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